Social Post Mate

Use the power of technology to get the text from the posts that you like so you can save them for your future reference. No need to use the old-school method of copying text, now you just need to click on the button on the top of the post and it will automatically do it for you. Then you just need to choose the place to paste it. That's all. It is as simple as that, even a kid can do it.



Social post mate has been created with the idea to make our lives easier. We have always been trying to save the top posts that we love but we haven't been able. Because of that we have lost so many interesting concepts, ideas, strategies and many other things. So far we haven't been able to find a solution for that. That's why we have developed it and now you can have it for absolutely free.


Saves time

Thanks to concept with the help of only one button you can copy the text of the posts that you like and love.

multiple platforms

You can use our tool on three of the most popular platforms - LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

it's free

You don't have to pay even a cent, you just need to have Chrome or Brave browser in order to use it.


"I have been searching for something like this for months. And I am so happy that I have finally found Social Post Mate. Love ittttttttt!!!"

Maire Smith CEO (COMRE LTD)

"This tool saves me so much time and money that I just can't say how grateful I am that it exists. All my team mates are using it too."

Michael Tores Sales Manager

"I will just say this - this is the tool that my company was thinking of developing, but now we have this one. It's exactly what we need!

Ores Portet CTO